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Hair's Karen's Newsletter

Four Hair Makeover Tips For  Fall   

Now that summer is coming to a close, the remnants of your summer fun days-the sun, wind, salt water, and chlorine-have most likely left your hair feeling a bit dry and bleached out.

Here are four great tips for achieving a healthy fall hair makeover.   Not only will these steps help heal some of the damage from the summer sun, but they will also help keep your hair in prime condition to face the dry, brittle months of winter- ugh!

1. Clarify


The end of summer is the perfect time to get rid of the chemical buildup that accumulates over time spent at the pool or beach. To do this, use a clarifying shampoo to help remove chlorine deposits, salt water, and even hair-care product build-up that may be weighing your hair down. A clarifying shampoo, such as Matrix Total Results Pro Solutionist Alternate Action Clarifying Shampoo, will give your hair the clean slate you need to look your best during the fall season.

2. Moisturize


Summer heat, UV rays, and pool or sea water often deplete your hair of moisture, leaving you with dry,
lifeless locks. You can infuse moisture back into your hair by using a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner, such as
Matrix Biolage Ultra-Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioner or Matrix Total Results Moisture Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioner. If your hair is especially dry from your summertime experiences, consider using an intense hydrating treatment, such as Repair by Matrix Total Results or Moroccan Oil Intense Hydrating Mask, once a week. You can also encourage the production of your hair's natural oils by washing your hair less often and by using a thermal protectant like Sleek Perfection by Goldwell before using a hair dryer or hot styling iron. By taking the time to restore moisture back to your hair in the fall, you will be able to keep your hair from becoming dry and brittle during the winter months.

3. Color Correct


Fall is the best time of year to freshen up your look with a color makeover. Richer colors, such as
darker browns, deeper reds, and brighter coppers, will last longer because during this particular time of year we are not as exposed to activities and weather elements that can cause hair color to fade. The key to a great look is to use colors that complement your fall complexion, so get a new shade that is within two or three shades of your natural color. Then, keep your new hair color in tip-top shape by taking care of it with color-enhancing shampoo and conditioner, like Matrix Total Results Color Care Shampoo and Conditioner.

4. Get a Great Haircut


Summer is full of activities that may contribute to hair breakages and split ends. A great haircut or at least a healthy trim will help you to maintain a healthy mane. Try to schedule a cut every four to six weeks for short hair or every six to eight weeks for longer locks. To book your haircut or cut and color
appointment, simply call the salon at
781-395-8423. Operators are standing by.

Four Easy Summer Hair Care Tips 

As with every season, your hair needs special care during the summer months. Here are four foolproofways to make the most of your summer hair care routine so you can enjoy your days at the beach, pool-side, or out and about in the summer sun. 


Avoid Frizz 


Humidity adds curl and volume to naturally curly or wavy hair textures. To reduce frizz, make sure your
hair is thoroughly dry before walking out into a humid environment. To further fight the frizzies before they happen, you can rinse your hair with cool water to seal your hair cuticles, use a flat iron to smooth your hair cuticles down, or try applying a dry shampoo or a little baby powder to your scalp to help absorb perspiration or humidity. You can also have a stylist at Hair's Karen administer a Keratin Treatment that helps long-term to relax curls and eliminate frizz during the humid weather. Or, if you want to play up your natural curls, try using Matrix Total Results Super Defrizzer to maximize frizz prevention from root to tip and define and control your curls with a touchable strong hold.

Hair Care Products Offer the Best Defense 


As temperatures rise, be sure to use shampoos, conditioners, and styling products that contain UV and heat protection and avoid products that contain alcohol (these can be excessively drying and damaging to the hair). Professional-grade shampoos that gently clarify and conditioners that hydrate are best. For styling, try Matrix Total Results Color Care Miracle Treat 12 Lotion Spray with twelve benefits for your hair; it conditions for instant silkiness, detangles, restores shine, prevents breakage, and tames frizz. Because the sun and dry air can lead to split ends, it's also wise to shampoo your hair every other day and cut down on your blow-dryer usage. If you must use a blow dryer, use a cooler setting to prevent further damage resulting from heat. Frequent haircuts (once a month instead of every six weeks) during the summer will help to prevent split ends. Or book a Gloss Cut appointment with your favorite Hair's Karen stylist. Before the haircut, this comb-in treatment helps seal hair cuticles, adds shine, reduces frizz, and has benefits that last four to six weeks.

Sun Protection for Your Hair and Scalp 


It's very important to protect your scalp and hair from the strong rays of the sun because hair can get
sunburned just like the scalp. Unfortunately, the only way to correct sunburned hair is to cut or trim it. Therefore, prevention is the best plan. Hats are an ideal solution for keeping your hair, scalp, and face protected. However, if you are unable to wear a hat while in the sun for an extended period
of time, use a leave-in hair product with SPF protection. If you're in a pinch, you can prevent a sunburned scalp by combing a small palm full of white sunscreen (yellow formulas can tint pale hair) through your strands (starting at the roots). Color-treated hair is especially susceptible to damage from the summer sun's rays. Matrix Biolage Colorcaretherapie is specifically formulated to protect color-treated hair. This professional low-pH formula with Orchid + UV Complex moisturizes and protects the depth, tone, and shine of color-treated hair without parabens or synthetic dyes. 


Water Works 


Salty and chlorinated water can dry out your hair (especially the ends) incredibly fast, and the more processed your hair is - i.e., color treatments, highlights, perms- the more porous and susceptible to damage it becomes. Therefore, be sure to dampen your hair with plain water before swimming and use a leave in conditioner to create a barrier against salt water and pool chemicals. After swimming, rinse your hair with water, and if you can, use a clarifying shampoo to remove any color- and/or texture-altering impurities. Matrix Total Results Pro Solutionist Alternate Action Clarifying Shampoo is formulated specifically to help remove chlorine and mineral deposits without stripping natural oils. If you have blonde hair, you can rinse your hair with a pale brew post-swim to prevent your hair from turning green. Or, if you don't want to smell like a brewery, book a Demineralizing Treatment with a Hair's Karen stylist to restore your locks back to their golden color.

For more summer hair-care tips, product solutions, and preventative treatments, stop by Hair's Karen and consult with one of our expert stylists. We'd love to help you look your best during the fun-filled summer days.


Luscious Locks for Spring 


With each new season, our hair care needs change. Although the harsh temperatures of winter often require specific care for the prevention of dryness and split ends, spring weather such as wind, rain, humidity, and warmer temperatures can cause either frizzy, limp, or flyaway hair- or, in some instances, all three conditions in the same day!

Damp and humid spring weather tends to leave fine and straight hair flat and thicker or curly hair frizzy. To help address this situation, use a towel to damp dry your hair before blow drying it because this will help to reduce frizz and breakage. An application of an anti-frizz serum or hair gel can also help prior to blow drying.

This year's spring weather might be warmer than usual, and the higher temperatures can have a negative effect on your hair. Just like our bodies, our hair also needs time to acclimate to warmer temperatures. Sudden hot temperatures tend to open up the hair cuticles quickly, which can contribute to split ends and dull, dry hair. To combat this situation, use the "cool" setting on your hair dryer when you're almost done blow drying your hair. This cold blast will help to close your hair cuticles and seal in badly needed moisture.

Spring weather also means lots of gusty winds, which for people with split ends and courser hair means they can suffer from flyaways and static-like hair. Conditioning products can help to tame and smooth unruly hair by adding some much needed moisture back into your hair's cuticles and help to reduce split ends.

No matter what texture your hair has naturally, spring isn't the time of year for you to style your locks into a high-maintenance look. If your hair is curly, wear a style that celebrates your curls because in this weather, it's only going to get curlier. If your hair is straight but curls up in humid weather, wear a style that includes loose, light curls. Hair styled in a loose ponytail is very "in" this season and works well for both curly and straight hair.

Spring is also a great time to get a new hair cut. Not only will you get a new fresh look, but it's a great way to whip your hair back into shape quickly by removing dry and damaged ends that can leave your hair looking fuller and healthier.

For more spring hair-care tips and information about the latest spring styles and care products, stop by Hair's Karen and consult with one of our expert stylists. We would love to help you get your luscious look for spring.
6 Steps to Winterize Your Hair


It seems that winter has barely arrived this year - we've had more spring-like days than days with below-zero temperatures. Still, the weather has been cool enough for all of us to be subject to the typical issues that colder weather brings, such as dry skin from exposure to cold temperatures and dry air from the use of heaters, furnaces, and fireplaces.

Your hair is also subject to the perils of cold weather, which can often cause dull, lifeless hair. So, here are some easy-to-follow tips that you can use to keep your gorgeous mane healthy and beautiful throughout the cold winter months.


1.  Wash Your Hair Every Other Day

One of the biggest problems for your hair during the winter months is dryness. You can easily solve this challenge by washing your hair every other day instead of daily. This will help to maintain the natural pH balance of your scalp, minimize dryness, and retain the protective oils that your hair naturally produces to keep its strength and shine.

2.  Adjust Your Water Temperature

Although a hot shower on a cold day is especially appealing, you should try to avoid washing your hair with hot water and use warm water instead. Exposure to really hot water can strip your hair (and skin) of moisture, and this lack of moisture can lead to excess dryness and breakage.

If you are really daring, try rinsing your conditioned hair with cold water for about 30 seconds; the cold water serves to shock your hair cuticles and causes them to close. Rinsing with cold water will also help your hair and scalp to retain moisture and leave you with shinier, healthier, stronger hair.

3.  Use a Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner

Most people find that the hair-care products they use in the summer months are less effective at caring for their hair during these winter months. During the winter months, you should use a quality moisturizing shampoo and conditioner to repair and protect your locks. Be sure that the products you choose are designed for your specific hair type.

4.  Deep Condition Once a Week


By using a deep conditioner at least once a week, you can replenish lost moisture and nutrients that are typically drawn out of your hair during the winter season. For best results, coat your hair generously with a deep conditioner, wrap it in a towel or shower cap, and kick back and relax for some 30 minute "me time" -- put your feet up and call a friend, watch a TV show, or read a magazine or book. Wash out the conditioner, and check out your stronger, healthier head of hair.

5.  Cool Dry Your Hair

During the winter months, it's important to dry your hair on a medium or cool setting.  Although it might take a little longer to dry and style, this method will help you keep the moisture in your hair and prevent it from breaking. Make sure your hair is completely dry before heading out the door, -wet hair can freeze and even break off.


6.  Keep Your Hair Healthy

Follow any or all of these tips to keep your hair and scalp healthy and beautiful during the most challenging season of the year. Be on the lookout for our next newsletter in which we will continue to offer you advice on how to maintain a great hair-care routine throughout all seasons. With our help you can be your glamorous self all year round!